Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Purls

Just finished a couple of projects for a friend. The headband is for super special Miss Kiralese - I added a removable flower for her to choose her style. The blanket is for baby Kolter. This was my first attempt at a blanket - and it was ambitious! I found a pattern for a "snuggle bunny" but decided to turn it into a teddy bear. I really hope Kolter likes it! And of course we always need a picture of the dogs. I decided to use Tusker as a model - he was not amused, but Duke gave him some lovin anyway. I am still selling things to help raise money for a mission trip I am going on next month. I will be working as a helper on a construction team that is working on a building project in England. Our home church has a church plant in Sheffield, England and we will be helping them build out their new building. I still need about $600 in the next few weeks. Of course let me know if you would like to help support me - I could knit you something in return!

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