Wednesday, July 27, 2011


At the end of a day on the ropes course some times I debrief the day by asking everyone in the group to share a "highlight, lowlight, or insight" (thank you Shane for teaching me that one). So I have decided to answer those questions to debrief the month of July at the Boyd Banda.

Highlight: Our first roomie! Carole officially moved in this month. Charlie and I wouldn't know what to do with ourselves in this big ol house all alone. Carole helps fill the space with jokes, free coffee, funny notes on the fridge, the smell of healthy cooking, and my favorite text "im going to the store, need anything?" Some people might think it's a little strange to have roommates once you are married, but it sure works naturally for us. We are just a bunch of friends living in the same space - sharing just comes like second nature.

Lowlight: The weather. Not once this month have I woken up, let the dogs outside, and the temperature gauge be below 80. Two days this month it didn't hit 100 - on those days the high was 99 - might as well! And our rain accumulation? 0 inches. I will say, it did rain one day, but I suppose not enough to record. So we sweat, take showers, and sweat some more. Of course overall this is a petty thing to call a "lowlight" but I just HAD to complain about it to someone....

Insight: The Holiness of God. Not kidding. I feel like lately the Lord is calling me into the Holy of Holies - to gaze on His unending beauty, love, power, goodness, passion, justice, and on and on I could go. I love that we will never see or understand His fullness as long as we have breath. I will never come to a place of complete understanding or intimacy with Him in this life. Every day there is something to look forward to - so I ask for revelation. And His revelations just make me want to be with Him more. They take me away from myself and point me toward His heart - His heart for His people and His purposes on the earth (as Antioch Community Church puts it).

So now I am off to the ropes course! High today - 103 degrees - I will be wearing a safari hat and sun screen.