Thursday, December 2, 2010

a quickie


hi everyone who cares! i do apologize for being one of the worst blog posters that has ever existed, so sorry i can't even keep up with a once a month post! thanks for bearing with me and being invested in the boyd's life. here is a super duper quick update:

charlie is almost finished with school! friday charlie will finish his final final exam and be completely done with school. last week he said goodbye to starbucks and said hello to jimmy johns. while he is not full time with them yet he is just getting his feet wet with some internship/part time work. he is super excited about the shop opening in march. right now he is helping the manager (our super duper friend larry wright) with site preparation and hiring. check out Jimmy Johns

i am still working at starbucks and being super supportive of my full time student. for the holidays we will spend one day in san antonio with charlie's extended family, christmas weekend in marble falls with his immediate family and then then make the long drive to lynn haven to party with the penningtons! post holidays look like 3 weeks of manager training for charlie in champaign, ill. who knows, maybe we will take a detour through georgia on the way up to the unnecessary cold that is called illinois. with lots of time off coming SSOOO soon i promise to be more informative and as witty as ever. thank you all for the love and prayers over all the miles. can't wait to spend the rest of our lives knowing you!