Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2709 Sanger

I have been wanting to update everyone on the newest adventure of the Boyd family but just keep putting it off. Today I decided "no longer!" I don't care how not put together the house is, I just can't wait any longer to share about where we now live. We are renting a 100 year old house from some friends of ours. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and PLENTY of living space for a house full. Next month our friend Carole is moving in with us, then in August we will get two more girls. Emily, a Baylor transfer and Charlie's sister Bobi! So let's count - Charlie, Lindsay, Bobi, Carole, Emily, Tusker, and Duke. We just can't tell the Lord how grateful we are for this home and hope to let His love flow through it. It will be a great place for us to host our Freshman Lifegroup come this fall with lots of laughs, prayer, games, parties, singing, dancing, and eating! So here is a quick preview of the awesomeness:

Tusker and Duke showing off the Living Room

Off of the Living Room, this will be the "TV" Room

My boys in the hallway - on the left side is three bedrooms in a row, on the right is stairs, at the end is the bathroom

Bedroom number one will belong to Carole

Bedroom number two belongs to Bobi

Bedroom number three is for Emily

The Dining Room

Breakfast nook and laundry room in the background

The Kitchen - The heart of this home

The entire upstairs is a master suite - this is the living room with closet and bathroom

The Boyd Bedroom

We also have an attic, basement, front and back porches, fenced in back yard, futon, and fold out couch. What I am saying is - there is plenty of room for you to come visit!

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