Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Adventure

I suppose I'll just pretend I only blog every six months just to keep everyone wanting....But we all know that the truth is that blogging is about #37 on my list of priorities. And I'm ok with that. But we have big news that is totally blog worthy. 

We are moving!

 Map of Florida with Panama City

It has been a season of looking toward the Boyd future and placing a dozen options on the table. After long talks of where our hearts are and where our hearts want to be Charlie and I both felt very excited to pray about moving to Florida. With much prayer and consideration we both felt perfectly peaceful about uprooting our Waco life and transplanting it a little closer to my family. While this is a huge step for Charlie, who has never lived outside of Texas, it will be a homecoming for me. It has been over 12 years since I permanently lived in Panama City and I am excited to be returning. Of course the draw for us is family. While it will be hard to part with our Texas roots we look forward to sharing a closer life with Mom, Dad, Jessi, Nate, Lilly, Layla and Grandmommy and Pop. And who wouldn't want to live near the beach?! 


Most people have asked "Is there a Jimmy John's there?" And the answer to that is "no." Charlie feels like his two year career with the Jimmy is coming to an end. But that just leaves adventure ahead of us. No, we don't have jobs lined up. No, we don't have a house. We feel like those are things the Lord will provide along the way. Our aim now is to finish well in Waco, soak up this last season with these friends, and focus on transitioning out of Texas. For now our plan is for Charlie to finish up with Jimmy John's in January and us head out early February. 

Please pray we follow the path the Lord has already laid out before us. That He would go before us as our Provider, that He would give us vision for ministry, and protection from the enemy as we walk out in faith. If you are here, we will miss you. If you are in Florida - see you soon!