Friday, April 23, 2010

We Are Parents

No, not parents of children. Charlie and I started our married life as parents of my 2 year old Lab/Beagle "Tusker" and have loved having him as part of our family. Yes, he is one of the worst behaved dogs in the world - comparable to "Marley". And as I think of it, I might as well start a blog about the adventures of Tusker, too many to count (ok his latest feat was breaking a window in the living room while chasing a fly)!

Lately all signs have been pointing toward "dogs." Just like when it is time for a couple to have a baby all signs point to "baby"-pregnant women, strollers, babies, etc seem to infiltrate the lives of the couple. For Charlie and me it has been puppies. Every time there is a puppy in a car at the drive through at Starbucks they call me over to check it out. A couple of weeks ago a guy from the Humane Society stayed on the patio at Starbucks all day trying to get some dogs adopted. So Charlie sat and talked with him about becoming foster parents for needy dogs at the shelter.

So this week we decided to go to the Humane Society to fill out an application for becoming a foster home - and we came home with a dog. We walked and walked the lines of cages and it broke our hearts to see so many dogs with no "forever home." We know we can't save every dog, but we do feel like we can be instruments in the healing process for some of them. So here is Duke:

Duke was an "owner surrender" which means his family just couldn't take care of him anymore. He is 2 or 3 years old and spent a lot of his time digging holes in the backyard of his family's home. He is some sort of Australian cattle dog/blue heeler/shepherd mix-which means he is really smart. When smart dogs aren't stimulated enough mentally and physically it is likely they will act out in ways like digging holes. Charlie and I have had a great time training Tusker and hope to spend lots of quality time working with Duke as well. Duke is super sweet, he loves cuddling on the floor with Charlie and even gets along great with Tusker. They love to wrestle in the yard but then pass out on the kitchen floor. We are super excited to have him as part of our family, but we would love to find him a great home! If you know anyone in the Waco area that might be interested in him let us know.

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