Saturday, April 10, 2010

Around The House

Here are some snippets of precious things around the Boyd's home:

Giraffes are my favorite and so are coffee mugs, so here are two of our favorite things combined! The other day Charlie and I had coffee in our matching giraffe mugs....too cute.

Ok this one isn't so cute: snails. For some reason Waco is infested with billions of snails. Well I don't really know about ALL of Waco, but our yard is. The other day I counted over 30 of them attached to the front of our house. They find their way in the house and we find them on the ceilings, attached to walls, etc. I think a buffer of salt around the house is in the near future.

Our bedroom: It was Charlie's creative idea to use some old doors, white christmas lights, and some fabric to create our headboard. The quilt on the bed was a special wedding present from our friends in Kenya.

Our baby boy. This is Tusker chillin out after he and I went for a run the other day. He likes to lay on the cold concrete and we like leaving the back door open to let some of the outside inside.

In other news: Charlie and I are officially staying in Waco until at least next May. Our next blog will be all the details surrounding that and our near/distance future. Love you all :)

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