Tuesday, January 11, 2011

champaign (illinois)

charlie and i finally arrived in champaign, il a couple of days ago for him to start training for his new position at jimmy john's. the "deep freeze 2011" spent all of its time destroying the south while we drove through clear skies all the way from nashville. it did however start snowing last night and has continued to snow all day today. charlie and larry spend their days in classrooms and training kitchens while i figure out what to do with all of this free time. let me tell you, i haven't gotten bored yet! of course it has only been a couple of days, but i find all sorts of random tasks to fill my time. since we are new to town some of those tasks include finding a bank, post office, gym, grocery store, etc. but once all of those bases have been covered i find myself cataloging holiday photos, compiling all the wedding invitation addresses into one master address book folder, researching knitting projects,etc. fortunately charlie is just as excited as i am about my knitting endeavors. here are some samples of projects i have finished.

of course nearly everyone got a scarf or cowl (those are the circular scarfs that i promise are the next big thing) for christmas. but not only that, my obsessively knitting fingers got a lot of other people excited too! some people just needed a nudge to pick up the habit again but others i helped teach from the ground up. i do hope to get a number of projects going and start a little side business to sell what i've been working on. so if you like something you see ask me about buying one for yourself or a friend.

whoever is reading this: we miss you! whether you are in florida, georgia, texas or anywhere in between-we are not with you and that makes us sad. but if you are passing through champaign stop by our extended stay hotel and ill make you dinner in our micro kitchen.


  1. You are very talented! I wish I could knit or crochet; the cowls are super cute. How long are you guys in IL? We will be moving to Georgia in May for about 6-9 months. Hope you guys are well!
    -Micah, Alison, & Lucy

  2. Hey is that first green one the one you gave me? I wore it tonight, and my neck was super warm during the deep freeze 2011.

  3. How AWESOME!!! I have tried to learn from a few teacher friends. They run out of patience with me. Wish you were in my state (NC); I'd take you up on some lessons. Beautiful cowls and fingerless gloves (right?). Nice work.